Tongue tie

The lingual frenum is skin tissue (mucosa) that stretches from underneath the tongue to the floor of the mouth.  This frenum can sometimes be tight or short and can restrict tongue movement and function.  This is often referred to as ankyloglossia or being tongue tied.  Some people may also have lip ties...the frenum can be strongly attached to the lips.

A tongue tie may contribute to:

  • breastfeeding issue for infants

  • breastfeeding symptoms for mothers (sore nipples, low supply, mastitis)

  • eating difficulties

  • speech alterations

  • dental problems (change to normal jaw growth patterns, diastemas, crowded teeth)

  • headaches, jaw pain

Tongue ties can be surgically corrected if required.  We can provide a thorough tongue function/oral assessment (we advise infants to see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant firstly) and then refer you to the appropriate health care providers for surgery.  Smile Tone can the help with correcting tongue function post surgery...proper tongue function doesn't just happen automatically.

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