Swallow/chewing dysfunction


Our chewing and swallow patterns can sometimes be altered, particularly if nasal breathing is not well established.  Favouring one side of our mouths while eating can put extra strain on jaw/facial muscles and teeth and may lead to jaw pain or even broken/worn teeth.   Insufficient chewing also may lead to increased risk of choking in children and digestive issues.

During swallowing, our back teeth should touch slightly, lips together and tongues should elevated and roll backwards along the hard palate to move the food/liquid towards the throat.  There should not be any facial movement either - especially the lips, cheeks and chin muscles.

Some people display a dysfunctional swallow pattern called a 'reverse or tongue thrust' swallow, where the tongue moves forward, downward or sideways between the teeth.  Also, you may notice some over-activity of the facial muscles.  This may lead to:

  • change in jaw shape

  • crooked teeth

  • pain in jaw joints

  • muscle pain

  • excessive burping when eating, wind

Smile Tone offers a tailored myofunctional program which can help restore proper swallow and chewing patterns.  Creating better habits, better health...for life.