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How mouth breathing can contribute to poor posture and head/neck pain.

The way we breathe can certainly influence our posture and for some, mouth breathing can be the root cause of debilitating head and neck pain.  If our airways are restricted, whether it's because of enlarged adenoids due to allergies, retruded/small jaws due to a low tongue posture because of a tongue tie, or a combination…
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Can chewing help improve your attention?

Chewing is a basic function that we do day in/day out.  It not only is important for food breakdown and digestion, but also has the potential to improve our attention, stress and moods. According to a systematic review that 'inspected the attributes of effects on attention in studies investigating the effects of chewing on attention…
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Why is thumb sucking so addictive?

    A recent study looked at why finger or thumb sucking habits may form in the first place.  The research suggested that by placing the thumb on the palate, it stimulates the nerve receptors 'and obtain muscular balance and a release of physical and psychological tension.'  No wonder it is such an addictive past time…
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