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Problem: More than half of all children with ADHD, learning and behavioural problems at school have a sleep disorder.

ADHD and sleep: Approximately 6% of school aged children are diagnosed with ADHD. This condition is characterised by problems with attention, concentration, hyperactivity or impulse control. Because these are the same symptoms as a sleep disorder some children with a sleep disorder are misdiagnosed as having ADHD. Those who do have ADHD may have exacerbated problems due to a sleep disorder. One study found that treating sleep problems in children with ADHD was as effective as stimulant medication in improving their function.

Is your child naughty or not sleeping well: Children who are sleep deprived are twice as likely to disobey instructions compared with children who have slept well.  

Sleep quantity and quality: Children who snore or mouth breathe may be having poor quality sleep. Approximately 2% of children have unusually restless sleep with frequent legs movements. Leg movements in sleep are more common in children with low iron stores or a family history of restless legs. Up to 1 in 3 children are noting having enough sleep, have trouble falling asleep or cannot sleep through the night. Any one or combination of these problem could be significantly impacting on your child's performance at school.

How do I know if my child has a problem: There is no one test that will identify all sleep problems. A sleep study  provides information about sleep quality and medical sleep disorders. Actigraphy is a watch-like device that provides information on sleep patterns and sleep quanity at home. Much can also be gained by taking a good history, performing an examination and completing some simple questionnaires.

Better sleep for school program: We are offering a combination of a clinical consultation, sleep study and actigraphy in chidlren with sleep related problems which are potentially impacting on their schooling. 

Cost: The total out of pocket expense for this program is $90. There is an upfront fee of $315 with a Medicare rebate of $225. The sleep study is covered by your private health insurance, although some policies may also include a co-payment. The actigraphy, all reports, parking etc are all provided at no additional charge. A follow-up appointment to discuss results is also bulk billed. 


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