Structure inhibiting function

[mp_row] [mp_span col="7"] [mp_row_inner] [mp_span_inner col="12"] [mp_code] The way we breathe, swallow, chew and what we do with our lips, cheeks and tongues when we’re not talking or eating (our function) as a baby or toddler can influence the development of our faces and jaws – our bony structure. What happens though, if we try…
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Better Sleep for School

  From - Better Sleep for School Problem: More than half of all children with ADHD, learning and behavioural problems at school have a sleep disorder. ADHD and sleep: Approximately 6% of school aged children are diagnosed with ADHD. This condition is characterised by problems with attention, concentration, hyperactivity or impulse control. Because these are the…
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How mouth breathing can contribute to poor posture and head/neck pain.

The way we breathe can certainly influence our posture and for some, mouth breathing can be the root cause of debilitating head and neck pain.  If our airways are restricted, whether it's because of enlarged adenoids due to allergies, retruded/small jaws due to a low tongue posture because of a tongue tie, or a combination…
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